Incoming Telemarketing Sales Calls In Your Business

When someone calls you on the telephone in your business, these are serious inquiries. It takes a lot of work for an individual to go to the Yellow Pages, look at all the different choices, different businesses, and decide whom to call. Not to mention the fact that you pay for that yellow page advertising, or the advertising that had your phone number which caused them to call your business in the first place. Therefore, when you are answering the phone from potential customers inquiring about a product or service, you should treat these calls as completely valuable.

Yes, it’s true that they may have caught you at a bad time, or perhaps got you when you’re at the register with a customer who is actually paying. In that case you need to let the person know that you will either call them right back, or they can hold for a few minutes, and if you promise to call them back, you need to call the back in the amount of time that you promised. Further, you need to train all of your employees to understand this principle otherwise you might be wasting a significant amount of money in marketing and advertising getting your phone number out there. Every worker needs to be attentive to the potential customers willing to spend money in your niche.

Once your employees understand the value of those incoming calls, and realize it is a sales opportunity for them to put forth their best effort in bringing that person into your store or making the sale, you will immediately find that they take it seriously, as should you. Just because you are stressed out, and have other things going on is no reason not to treat every single incoming call as if it were a potential sale. Yes, some of those incoming calls will be your competitors trying to shop you. In fact, I would say that there is a good chance that 10% of all the calls you are getting in your business are fake calls from competitors.

Still, even if you suspect that it is a fake call, you should still be polite, and pretend you don’t know, this gives you the advantage, and there is a possibility that even if you think it is or you are sure that it is a competitor calling, it still might not be. Further if you want to psych out your competition, and you are overly nice as you would be to a regular customer, then they know they are dealing with a savvy business owner who’s going to give it one hell of a run for their money. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.