Incoming Telemarketing Sales Calls In Your Business

When someone calls you on the telephone in your business, these are serious inquiries. It takes a lot of work for an individual to go to the Yellow Pages, look at all the different choices, different businesses, and decide whom to call. Not to mention the fact that you pay for that yellow page advertising, or the advertising that had your phone number which caused them to call your business in the first place. Therefore, when you are answering the phone from potential customers inquiring about a product or service, you should treat these calls as completely valuable.

Yes, it’s true that they may have caught you at a bad time, or perhaps got you when you’re at the register with a customer who is actually paying. In that case you need to let the person know that you will either call them right back, or they can hold for a few minutes, and if you promise to call them back, you need to call the back in the amount of time that you promised. Further, you need to train all of your employees to understand this principle otherwise you might be wasting a significant amount of money in marketing and advertising getting your phone number out there. Every worker needs to be attentive to the potential customers willing to spend money in your niche.

Once your employees understand the value of those incoming calls, and realize it is a sales opportunity for them to put forth their best effort in bringing that person into your store or making the sale, you will immediately find that they take it seriously, as should you. Just because you are stressed out, and have other things going on is no reason not to treat every single incoming call as if it were a potential sale. Yes, some of those incoming calls will be your competitors trying to shop you. In fact, I would say that there is a good chance that 10% of all the calls you are getting in your business are fake calls from competitors.

Still, even if you suspect that it is a fake call, you should still be polite, and pretend you don’t know, this gives you the advantage, and there is a possibility that even if you think it is or you are sure that it is a competitor calling, it still might not be. Further if you want to psych out your competition, and you are overly nice as you would be to a regular customer, then they know they are dealing with a savvy business owner who’s going to give it one hell of a run for their money. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

The Vacation Sales Cold Call Script

If you have been hunting around for a cold call script, take a look at this one. The destination vacation is a big money operation. People who make 1,000 calls per week generally find 100 interested prospects that turn into 50 paid customers using scripts like this one. Everyone tweaks a word here and there in scripts and this one is no different. Sit with your sales manager for approval on the wording and then try this script out on your next 100 calls and see if it makes a difference.

“Hello, is __________ there?

Hello, my name is _________, calling from _______________ How are you today? (Customer’s first name)

I see that you filled out a survey form and expressed interest in a Hawaii vacation.

Our company has just released our VIP Invitations for vacations to Hawaii and your name is on that list!

I am calling to make sure you want to take advantage of this discounted Hawaii vacation offer. Mr/Ms_______________________what do you think?

If you have pen and paper,I’ll give you all my information so you can start planning.

Again, my name is ________ and this is through _____________________________.

This Hawaii vacation package is for 4 days and 3 nights on Maui. Your airline will be _____________________________. You will be staying at the Hotel __________________ for 4 days and 3 nights. If you need other airline arrangements we are a full service travel agency and we would be happy to search for another airline fare.

I know that we do not pay your personal expenses or any taxes and no service fees are paid. The last time I went, I believe I paid not more than $25.00 and I paid that at the hotel check-in.

I only have 11 vacation packages to Hawaii and I do have other calls to make to lucky people. Are you ready to buy this great vacation today?

The cost is $698.00 for two adults and must be taken within 6 months from today. As long as both of you are over 21 years of age, you are on your way to sunny Hawaii!

Do you have your credit card ready or do you need to discuss this with someone before you buy?

I’m only offering this one package today so you would need to buy today, but then again, take up to 6 months before you run off for a fabulous vacation!

Oh no, Ma’am, there are no hidden fees or charges. But now that you mention it, there is one thing that I would ask you to do. Once you get home, would you drop me a line and tell me what was the most exciting, the most beautiful or the most fun about this Hawaii vacation?

Yes, you can enclose a snap shot if you would like.

If you are ready to buy right now, I’m ready to take your credit card and get you all set up.

Yes, Ma’am, please read the numbers on your card.

I’ll read that back to you.

Now if you would verify your address I’ll get your things into the mail.

Wonderful! Now write down my name and phone number so I can answer any questions for you.

My Ticket Registrations department might give you a call to verify the spelling on your name or some other detail, I hope that is not a bother for you.

Okay, we are all set.

I will you enjoy that fabulous sun, sand and sea! Aloha!”

Invest your time and words into a script that deliver what you want to convey as efficiently as possible. Use a mirror and practice doing phone sales to yourself until all the words are comfortable and you can smile the entire way through. A great telesales script is extremely valuable.

Lee Anne Wonnacott has been working at various jobs since her teen years. Her business acumen is focused on people starting up their own businesses and new businesses that are less than a year old. She has a 2003 Master’s Degree from the University of Phoenix. With an extensive business career and an advanced degree, Lee Anne conducts a no-holds-barred approach to solving business problems. She lives, plays and causes trouble in Oceanside, California.

The Negative Effects of Working With Inexperienced Telemarketers

Having a good lead generation campaign, will help the lead generation process in getting more quality sales. This is why a lot of business owners, especially those in the business to business industry are interested in hiring B2B telemarketers for their campaigns. But that doesn’t mean that they have been successful in their first telemarketing experience. They quickly assume that any agent with experience will fit their needs. It is a common mistake, and instead of finding a quality service provider they would prefer the cheapest telemarketing company they can find. They don’t want to spend too much thinking that if they don’t like the service they can just easily end the campaign.

Being that this will be the first time they will try business to business telemarketing for their company, it’s understandable that they are squeamish about spending a lot. However, these cheap, overly-eager “telemarketers” can actually cause more harm for your business. They are often unprofessional, lack proper training, uninformed about proper telemarketing practices (such as the proper time to call, how to use voicemails, and when to follow-up). Think about it this way, when you hand over your business list to these people, there is a large chance that they will all decline your offer; they could be forced into a business appointment with your sales people which is actually a waste of everyone’s time; or worse, your company could be reported to authorities for improper telemarketing practices. Your maligned business sales leads could also post offensive and negative comments about your business on various social media sites. Your business sales leads and all types of customers in general will measure your company’s authenticity and reliability based on the first communication you initiate with them. Imagine the stigma that would leave on the name your company. Telemarketing in itself may have a bad reputation, but businesses labeled as telemarketing offenders are even more vilified. You would have no other choice but to rebrand all over again!

All these harmful effects could have been easily avoided by doing proper research to make sure that only certified, professional business to business telemarketers handle all your cold calling processes. In fact, the longer you take to choose your telemarketing representative, the better choices you will have. It’s not about the cheapest, or even who can set up the entire telemarketing campaign the fastest. The important thing is to hire or outsource to the most reliable b2b telemarketing service provider in your industry. Even if it’s a bit more costly that most, at least you can be assured that the integrity of your company name, the welfare of your business leads, and the security of your business are all in good hands.